Detour on State Route 56 starts Monday, July 6, 2015

The State of Ohio Department of Transportation has announced the closing of State Route 56 in both directions near Laurelville, beginning July 6 through mid-October, 2015. If we’ve directed you to follow State Route 56 East to get to your Marsh Hollow cabin, this closure will affect you. If you’re coming via U.S. 33 or through Chillicothe, it will not affect you.

The State provides official detours along other state routes, so the detour they’ve developed for this road closure is a LONG one. Feel free to follow their detour signs. It will add about 25 minutes to your drive. However, here’s what we’ll do instead:

  • Follow State Route 56 East out of Circleville.
  • Go past the official detour sign at State Route 159.
  • At the next stop sign, turn RIGHT onto Tarlton-Adelphi Road.
  • Continue on Tarlton-Adelphi Road for about 1 1/4 miles, then turn LEFT onto Hayesville Road. There’s a stop sign here, and an electrical substation. You can’t miss it.
  • Continue on Hayesville Road for about 1 mile, then turn RIGHT on State Route 56 East.

Then just follow the directions we’ll have given you. Our detour will add about 5 minutes to your drive.

To get home, just reverse these directions.

Questions? Call John at 740-202-7133.