Our Cabins are Pet Friendly

Dog in field in autumn

Traveling with furry friends

Marsh Hollow welcomes pets, with the exception of puppies, cats & kittens therefore we are probably more “dog friendly” than totally pet friendly.

Most dogs leave Marsh Hollow happy and exhausted since there is plenty of space to run and play. The Shadyside and Pinewood cabin decks are surrounded by railings with gates. And they do a good job of confining dogs, but are not escape proof, especially for small dogs. The deck at Shadyside Cabin is 10 feet above ground.

The Cottage railing does NOT enclose the patio.

Our pet fee is $30 per visit (not per day) for up to two dogs.

Etiquette Guidelines

During your visit, just keep these etiquette guidelines in mind:

  • Make sure your dog has been treated with flea and tick preventive medicine before visiting Marsh Hollow. Because we don’t want your dog to carry home any unwanted critters, and we also do not want any uninvited critters visiting our cabins and cottage.
  • Bring only well-behaved, non aggressive dogs. If your best friend is territorial, he or she will not enjoy the vacation.
  • Ideally, your pet will remain on the floor. However, please cover any beds or furniture he/she will be allowed on. Bring non-hairy covers!
  • Place food and water containers on a mat, or feed your pet outside.
  • Keep your dog leashed unless very well trained. Because there are hundreds of acres of woods behind the property and vacationing dogs have been lost in the Hills (not from Marsh Hollow, knock-on-wood).
  • Dogs may visit all of the state park sites, but are not allowed in either the Conkles Hollow or Rockbridge Nature Preserves.
  • Wipe off dirty or muddy paws before your pet enters the cabin. Bring rags for this purpose.
  • Please clean up after your dog, taking special care around the cabin and in the field.

If you have any questions about bringing a pet, please contact us at john@marsh-hollow.com or at 614-499-8205.

Share your photos!

Have you stayed at Marsh Hollow and have some great photos of your dog enjoying the property or the Hocking Hills. Please Send a photo and description to mary@marsh-hollow.com.