Fine dining at Glenlaurel Inn

Last Friday, Dave and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with an exquisite dinner at the Glenlaurel Inn, here in the Hocking Hills. Located about 20 minutes from Marsh Hollow, the Inn has been offering luxury accommodations (and luxury pricing) and fine dining since 1994, with a Scottish theme. We’ve never stayed there but have dined there a few times over the years. We’ve never been disappointed!

Dinner reservations are required and can’t be made until Inn management knows there will be enough dining space to accommodate outsiders. Their own guests come first of course. We made our reservations three days ahead, the earliest we could. However there were still a few empty tables at our Friday meal.

Check out the menu:

Glenlaurel Inn menu








There is only one seating at 7 pm, but you may enjoy cocktails, beer and wine in the pub, 5-7 pm. When it’s time for dinner, you’re told which dining room is yours. After seating you at your table, with lovely place cards, the server reads a short poem. Then the six course meal begins. Friday is seafood night which is why we decided to go then even though it was not exactly our anniversary. Saturday nights are extra special with a bagpiper in full regalia piping guests into dinner.

We were so glad to learn that Glenlaurel Inn is still offering the most elegant dining in the Hocking Hills. For more information, visit their web site at

Mary at Marsh Hollow



Breakfast at the Village Cafe

Yesterday,  our little Bobo had an appointment at the groomers in Laurelville (with the clever Natalie at Love on a Leash). It’s not worth it to drive home so I usually have breakfast while I’m waiting. I decided to have a relatively healthy breakfast so went to the Village Cafe for their BIG bowl of oatmeal,  served with brown sugar and milk. I always get a well buttered English muffin to top things off. The healthy part comes in using only a teaspoon of the sugar.

There’s a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at the Village Cafe. I particularly like their chicken salad sandwich,  and the daily specials are pretty good. Service is prompt and friendly.  Always. Hours are generally 6 am to 9 pm, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead: 740-332-6415.

Located on State Route 56 in the village, but official address is 16039 Water St., Laurelville.

Hocking Hills Roasters: Coffee in the Hills!

Hocking Hills Roasters is just one more reason to visit Hocking County, and it’s a particularly wonderful place to go when you want some indoor things to do (or when you’re worn out from all of the outdoor things). It’s located in the Hocking Hills Market on U.S. 33, south of Rockbridge. In two words: fabulous coffee.

Dave and I, and our friends Sherwin & Diane, made a stop there recently, to pick up some Ethiopian Limu coffee, roasted on site, and accidentally learned how to make a really good cup of coffee using a French press. The owner, Roger Varner, mans the shop on the weekends and he knows his stuff. He is very gentle about “adjusting” your ideas about how to make coffee. We have now learned from the master!

Hocking Hills Roasters also offers roasted nuts, fudge, Get Well teas and the largest, tastiest turtle (candy) I’ve ever had. Seriously, go there for coffee, but get a turtle too.

Mary from Marsh Hollow

The Ridge Inn: New Restaurant in Laurelville!

There is a GREAT new addition to dining in Laurelville: The Ridge Inn. My friends Beth, Beth, Kathy and new friend Pat met there for lunch today. I had the cusabi chicken salad and crab chowder. Crab chowder in Laurelville?! Both were wonderful. The salad included diced chicken, pecan pieces and dried cranberries tossed in cusabi dressing, a light cucumber flavor, and was served over mixed greens. The crab chowder was so good I ordered some for take-out – my Dave is sure to love it tonight for dinner.

Everyone enjoyed their lunch, including really, really good coffee. Kathy & Pat ordered hot tea and got to pick from a selection of very fine teas from Harney & Sons. Beth and I had biscotti for dessert, and Beth had a muffin.

So far, the Ridge Inn is only open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday through Sunday. But they are planning their grand opening for next week and then will start serving dinner.

The lunch menu includes hamburgers, cusabi chicken sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, the Ridge salad and the cusabi chicken salad. They also usually have 2 soups and 2 specials.

The building is brand new and the ambience is very fresh and modern. Since very few new buildings and businesses are ever added to the Laurelville village proper, this is a bit of a shock. But the design fits in.Almost all of the tables are near windows. Plus the second floor has a meeting room that can be reserved.

My friends and I HIGHLY recommend the Ridge Inn.

Mary at Marsh Hollow

P.S. I need to ask the owner why she named it “The Ridge Inn” when it is most definitely NOT on a ridge!

Yet another lunch at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

My girls (Beth, Kathy & Julie) and I had our monthly lunch at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls on Monday. They offer yummie soups, salads & sandwiches, plus desserts on their lunch menu. I had the 1/2 a sandwich/bowl of soup combo for $8.00 (excellent chicken salad), then shared an incredible brownie & oatmeal-raisin cookies with Beth.

It’s a little pricey but the high quality and rustic/cozy ambience make it all worthwhile. Plus you’re only moments away from Cedar Falls, if you’d like to take a little hike before or after lunch.

If you are staying at Marsh Hollow, the Inn & Spa is a 25 minute drive. Or if you’d prefer in-cabin massage therapy and spa services, we recommend Blue Valley Massage.

Mary at Marsh Hollow