ROKU is coming to Pinewood and Shadyside Cabins

crescent moon with shooting stars and text ROKU is coming

ROKU is a winner!

We’ve been so pleased with ROKU at The Cottage that in early April we are installing it at both Pinewood and Shadyside Cabins. I first wrote about ROKU in February of this year so please check out my blog post HERE for more information about what it offers.

How we came to this decision

While ROKU is a great way to access streaming and live content, we also had a financial motive. Both DISH and DirecTV have increased their prices beyond what is reasonable. We had to reduce our current package but ended up paying the same as we did last year. We started looking for alternatives and decided that ROKU would be a great fit for Marsh Hollow. Our team tries very hard to avoid raising prices and this small step (which we think you will like very much) is one way to reduce costs.

Our internet service has become faster and more reliable over the twenty years we have been in business so we now feel confident we can offer our guests access to internet streaming services. This means that we will discontinue our satellite service, but will continue to provide Blu-ray players along with ROKU.

One final benefit: unless guests decide to use the Blu-ray player, one remote will control everything! Remember to bring your app logins and passwords if you intend to use Netflix, Prime, etc. during your vacation. There is a LOT of free content on ROKU. If you do login to your own accounts, don’t worry because the system will automatically erase your information on your check out day.

Thank you for your interest in Marsh Hollow. We hope to see you soon! And if you have any questions, please contact Mary at

Mary at Marsh Hollow

New! ROKU at The Cottage

television set for use with ROKU

Wow! ROKU impresses us as a streaming option for our guests at The Cottage. In the past, guests could log into their own streaming accounts, such as Prime Video, hulu, etc. But it was always a worry that they would forget to log out and it was a little bit complicated to make access easy. We now have added ROKU in “Guest Mode” to our Cottage TV,  This will automatically log out guests at 11 am on their check-out date. And erase any personal information they may have entered. It’s so easy to use, plus has tons of free content, including LIVE free content.

ROKU is a simple device attached to the television. We have set it as the default connection so it launches when the TV is turned on. Generally, the TV will be on when guests arrive, we will have entered their check-out date and selected a music channel to welcome them to The Cottage. But if it’s off, then using the ROKU remote to turn it on and start streaming is as easy as pie. The ROKU remote turns on/off the TV and the soundbar. Unless you decide to use the Blu-ray player, it’s the only remote guests will need to use.

Want to learn more about Guest Mode and ROKU? Check out this great article from ROKU.

The Cottage still has a small video collection and Blu-ray player. As always, we will include instructions for using it in our Guidebook binder.

While ROKU has been around for quite awhile, it’s new to us and we already think it’s great!

Mary at Marsh Hollow