Keurig brewers at all cabins!

We frequently are asked if we have a Keurig brewer in our cabins. All cabins have always had standard drip coffee makers. Our Florida vacation rental had BOTH kinds of coffee makers. We thought that was very smart and accommodating to guests who have differing brewer preferences.

Therefore starting today, our guests will find both a Keurig mini brewer and a standard drip brewer in all three of our cabins. A word about the mini brewer: you add the water for a 6-12 oz. cup, then brew. You will need to wait for the water to heat each time you want to make a cup of coffee. So if you are staying in a cabin with more than 2 coffee drinking guests, you will probably want to use the standard pot because the mini brewer does take awhile to heat up each single serving. That 6th guest at Shadyside, for example, might be waiting quite a while for his/her coffee!

Hocking Hills Roasters: Coffee in the Hills!

Hocking Hills Roasters is just one more reason to visit Hocking County, and it’s a particularly wonderful place to go when you want some indoor things to do (or when you’re worn out from all of the outdoor things). It’s located in the Hocking Hills Market on U.S. 33, south of Rockbridge. In two words: fabulous coffee.

Dave and I, and our friends Sherwin & Diane, made a stop there recently, to pick up some Ethiopian Limu coffee, roasted on site, and accidentally learned how to make a really good cup of coffee using a French press. The owner, Roger Varner, mans the shop on the weekends and he knows his stuff. He is very gentle about “adjusting” your ideas about how to make coffee. We have now learned from the master!

Hocking Hills Roasters also offers roasted nuts, fudge, Get Well teas and the largest, tastiest turtle (candy) I’ve ever had. Seriously, go there for coffee, but get a turtle too.

Mary from Marsh Hollow