Road closure, coffee & weekend update

exterior of Hocking Hills Inn and Coffee Emporium

Big Pine Road Closure

Big Pine Rd. is closed just east of the intersection of Big Pine and State Route 374, which means that getting to Conkles Hollow from Marsh Hollow requires a longish detour. Here’s how to do it:

  • Heading east on Big Pine from Wagner Rd., turn right at the Route 374 intersection.
  • Continue on Route 374 and turn left where it joins Route 664.
  • Continue on Route 664/374 past all of the Old Man’s Cave turn offs, and past where Route 374 splits off. Note: stopping at the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center would be a good idea.
  • Keep going on Route 664 until you reach BlackJack Rd, then turn left.
  • Continue on BlackJack until it dead ends into Big Pine Rd., then turn left.
  • Continue on Big Pine until you reach the entrance to Conkles Hollow which will be on your right.

The bridge replacement project should be completed by 4 pm on September 5.

Hocking Hills Inn & Coffee Emporium

interior Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium

Inside the Emporium

A few days ago, a friend and I visited the Hocking Hills Inn & Coffee Emporium for lunch. This is a relatively new inn and eatery in the Hocking Hills, located at 13984 State Route 664 S, Logan OH. The photo at the top of this post is the exterior, which has ample outdoor seating. Pets are allowed only on the lower level. We ate inside which was charming and comfortable. Our meals were delicious: my meatloaf was served on a very nice bun and my friend’s generously sized breakfast pizza was served on a very nice flatbread. Coffee was very good. Unfortunately we did not try any of the fancier coffee drinks such as Hocking Hills Macchiato, Muddy Boots Mocha, etc. However, we did share a wonderful brownie cheesecake. Highly recommended!


Weekend Update

Still planning your Hocking Hills getaway? Take a look at this week’s WEEKEND UPDATE for ideas. Of visit to check out the calendar of events.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend,

Mary at Marsh Hollow