The Perfect Show at Marsh Hollow

Recently, Miles and Anna (and canine companion Penny) visted Marsh Hollow for a short spring break. They wrote the most enchanting journal entry we have read in a long time.

We tell guests to write about what they liked most in the Hocking Hills and Marsh Hollow. Here’s a true-to-life description of their stay:


Mary: “Okay, more visitors coming. Dave, do you have the animals ready?

Dave: “We’ve got the horses, goats and dogs. Usual assortment of birds. The deer were already booked but I have a call in to the agent to see if we can get some later on. What do you want for the soundtrack?

M: “Let’s go with classical.”

D: “Okay, we’ve got Debussy and some Bach lined up.”

M: “Great. Okay, here they come, places everyone! Horses, let’s see some grazing. Can we get the goats to frolick? Good. Okay, the guests are inside. Dave, cue the birds!”

D: “Okay – we’ve got a wood pecker…now a tufted titmouse…now a few chickadees.”

M: “Looking good. Give me a little more action.”

D: “Okay, here’s another titmouse. Let me see if I can find some wablers.”

M: “Okay, that’s it, birds are looking great! Now we need to prep for night sky. Let’s start moving that sun down. Can I have a little more of that golden glow? Perfect. Okay, Dave what do you have for me?”

D: “We’ve got a crescent moon, and a few constellations.”

M: “Good – okay, let’s see – late winter…gimme Orion.”

D: “Sure thing. Where do you want him?”

M: “Right over the ridge. Okay now fade the sun…lower…lower..start bringing out that moon, a little brighter, good. More stars. I want to see Orion – there we go, perfect. And….it’s a wrap! Good job everyone! Now, for overnight, Dave, can you get me a dusting of snow? Just enough to be pretty but not enough to cause any trouble.”

D: “Dusting – I’m on it. Oh, and the deer’s agent called back. They can be here tomorrow.”

M: “Good. Let’s have them waiting in the driveway when our guests get back from hiking and then they can bound around in the woods for a while.”

D: “Okay, will do.”

Thanks for a perfect show!

Miles, Anna & Penny

Mary at Marsh Hollow