Marsh Hollow is now Hocking Hills Green Certified!

Marsh Hollow is very pleased to have been accepted into the Hocking Hills Green Certified program administered by the Hocking Hills Tourism Association. The program is a voluntary environmental program for the purpose of reducing the environmnetal impact of the Hocking Hills travel industry through communication, responsible resource management and stewardship.

While you can read about all of our commitments at, I’d like to highlight the ones that are particularly important to me:

  • We have a longstanding recycling program to reduce materials going to landfills. What can our guests to do help? Bring refillable water bottles! We recycle way too many plastic water bottles. Our water is highly filtered and quite tasty.
  • All food and trash is stored properly to prevent access by wildlife. What can our guests do to help? Please don’t throw food waste into the woods (and 99% of our guests do not do this!).
  • Guests are encouraged to follow the principals of Leave No Trace. And this means pet waste, cigarette butts, etc. I’ve heard numerous comments from our guests about dog doo on the state park trails. Please!
  • We have worked very hard to make our cabin energy efficient. This year we installed new highly energy efficient windows throughout the cabin. What can our guests do to help? Close windows and doors while using heating and cooling equipment.

There is so much that all of us can do to keep the Hocking Hills the amazing natural wonder that it is. Find out more at Hocking Hills Green Certified.

Mary at Marsh Hollow