Birds at our birdfeeder

Lately, the birdfeeder at our home has been dominated by what I thought were starlings. After peering at them through binoculars, I finally figured out that they are not starlings at all, but are blackbirds & common grackles. This morning when I looked out, there were easily 50 of these and absolutely none of our regulars. I realize they all need to eat, but how ’bout some sharing? This is the first year we’ve had a blackbird/grackle “problem” at our feeder.

I went out and starting clapping loudly. They all flew off and within minutes the regular crew was back! Cardinals, blue jays, tufted titmice, dark-eyed juncoes, white breasted nuthatches, sparrows and nary a blackbird. I wonder how long this will last?

Mary at Marsh Hollow.