Fire at the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge

We are so sad to report that there is a major fire at the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge, one of the best, and most reasonably priced, places to dine in the Hocking Hills. It started before 9 am, when the building was not yet open to the public. Early reports indicate that no one has been injured.  Some sources report that the roof is in the process of being replaced and that it started there.

Many fire units have been called in from surrounding counties and beyond. There is a smokey scent in the air, not like your usual campfire or wood stove.

Here is a link to the Columbus NBC affiliate‘s report of the fire earlier in the day.

We will post more when we know more. A sad day for Hocking County.

Mary at Marsh Hollow

A hike in the woods

Mary and Dave and dogs

Last Friday, Dave, Carolyn (daughter and wife of John) and I hiked up into the woods to retrieve trail cam photos. Carolyn had set this up on top of the hill (not near the trail our guests use). She had selected this location because it is remote from other trails and dwellings and because she had noticed places where deer were bedding down and rubbing their antlers. Look below for a few of the many great pictures she got.

it was great to see our Bode dog follow us up the hill and then around the whole Marsh Hollow loop trail. His age has been slowing him down so he doesn’t hike much anymore. John and Carolyn’s dog Frank is the new dog hiker in our family and he is always ready and willing to go.

We plan to extend our trail to the top of the hill over the winter. Then Carolyn will have to find a new location for her camera!

Mary at Marsh Hollow

New sofa at Shadyside & Weekend Update

red check sofa at Shadyside Cabin

We’ve had a few struggles with the sleep sofa at Shadyside. The sleep sofa itself wasn’t often used, but guests have spent a lot of time on the sofa. To make a long story short, this week we replaced the sleep sofa with a gorgeous, comfy sofa that matches the red check upholstered rocker already at Shadyside. We know our guests will love it!

For the third, or extra, bed we need to provide, we purchased a Serta EZ bed. We guarantee it will be more comfortable than the sleep sofa. However, guests will need to let us know that they need the 3rd bed when they make a reservation.


And here is the current Hocking Hills Tourism Association’s WEEKEND UPDATE.

Have a great weekend!

Mary at Marsh Hollow


Laurelville Fruit Farm’s “Apple House”

Laurelville Fruit Farm cider

I had fun yesterday helping the Laurelville Elementary pre-school class visit the Apple House, run by the Laurelville Fruit Farm, which is just a short walk away from the school. I guess it’s an annual treat for the littlest students to take a tour and get an apple cider slushie. After enjoying the sweet treat, we visited the cold room, which lives up to its name, to see stacks upon stacks of apple containers. Then we got to see the apple sorter, which kicks out apples considered too small for sale and these are the ones that get crushed into cider. We saw the machinery for that process but it wasn’t running while we were there so the little people were not that impressed.

The Laurelville Fruit Farm is a family owned and run operation – for over 100 years. Some of their trees are not far from Marsh Hollow, atop the next ridge over. The Apple House is open 8 am to 5 pm 7 days a week. closed in the winter and is located on State Route 56 in Laurelville.  Great peaches in the summer.

I’ve visited the Apple House several times this September but did not pick up nearly enough Honey Crisp apples. Now they are out of these absolutely delicious sweet, crsip apples. However, they have plenty of other tasty varieties so be sure to stop by while you are in the Hocking Hills. And don’t forget to pick up some cider too!

Finally, here is the Hocking Hills Tourism Association’s WEEKEND UPDATE just in time to plan your Hocking Hills adventures for this week and beyond.

Mary at Marsh Hollow

2016 Indian Run & Weekend Update

Mary in Indian Run shirt

The 2016 Indian Run is tomorrow, September 17. I’ll be volunteering at the Cedar Falls water & snack stop from about 8 am until 11:30 am. All runners, with the exception of the 5k people, will pass this relatively early stop. I am not sure what I’ll be wearing but all of us should be prepared to get wet – much needed rain is in the forecast.

It is not too late to register for the Indian Run. You can register online or you can register tomorrow, beginning at 6:30 am. Full event details are available at the Hocking Hills Tourism Association website – just click on Indian Run. While the 60k race starts at 7 am and the 40k starts at 8 am, all other races have individual starts between 9 and 11 am, so you don’t even have to get up too early. Chip timing, of course. And you can bring Fido on a leash to run, or walk with you.

Here are my tips: the stretch for 10 k runners between the Fisherman’s parking lot and Rose Lake is downhill and treacherous with roots. For all runners that stretch between Rose Lake and the campground is also pretty tricky. Every other part is nice well packed trail, with even some pavement. And the run up the road to the Dining Lodge is a lot of “up.” When you’re in a car, it feels like nothing, but believe me it’s long!

And here is this the September 15 Weekend Update, courtesy of the Hocking Hills Tourism Association. Lots going on!

Mary at Marsh Hollow

P.S. Yes, that’s me in my 2005 Indian Run shirt. I think I ran/walked it in some later years, but this shirt color has always been my favorite.

Video tours of our cabins and cottage

To help you better determine which Marsh Hollow cabin or cottage is best for your Hocking Hills vacation, we offer video tours of Pinewood Cabin, Shadyside Cabin and The Cottage. They really provide a more complete description than simple words and photos can.

Click on the photos below to start your tour. And remember all three are pet friendly and include Wifi.

Pinewood Cabin Tour

The Cottage Tour

Shadyside Cabin Tour

The Cottage – available this weekend

kitchen viewed from loft

UPDATE: The Cottage has been booked for this weekend but there are still upcoming weekdays available.

Through no fault of its own, The Cottage is available for booking this weekend, September 9 &!0, as well as several following days.

This is the perfect time to visit the Hocking Hills without the summer crowds and before the autumn bustle.

If interested, please contact John at 614-499-8205 or at