Last minute specials

kids dog on bridge

Winter is a great time to visit the Hocking Hills and Marsh Hollow: the crowds are gone, the rates are lower and it’s the quietest time of year. On top of that, we offer last minutes specials, generally for 1-6 days in advance. The last minute calendar is updated every day, so even though this post was made on January 4, the table below is current:

Call John at 614-499-8205 to book one of these great deals. Two day minimum, pets are welcome!

Mary at Marsh Hollow

Marsh Hollow’s Mac

Mac is half of our 2-dog combination here at Marsh Hollow. We found him several years ago at the Citizens for Humane Action shelter in Westerville. Dave and I often say, as a plain statement of fact, “Mac is a great dog.” And now he has been immortalized in an essay, Marsh Hollow’s Mac, written by one of our guests!

The writer, Mike Murray, captured Mac’s spirit and personality perfectly. If you’ve met Mac, I know you will agree. Of course, it helped that Mike is a REAL writer.

There are many other intriguing writings on Mike’s web site. I truly enjoyed My Hero, My Wife because I enjoyed talking to his wife Pam while she was here. And my friend Beth told me that she found the No-Kill Issue thought provoking.

Thanks, Mike. Mac is very special. We are so lucky to have found him.